STEAM Hoop Glider



Written by Michael Klymchuk and Kimmie Shori,

Assisted by Mia Vu, Stephen Tudor, Thomas Murray, Dina Madani, Aidan Kayes-Ford, Rafael Kacou, Sunghoon Jin, Logan Knutson

As fierce as a plane and as gentle as a butterfly, this is the Carlyle BASE Daycare STEAM Hoop Glider Project.  Grades 4 to 6 participated in this activity. Miss Patricia showed us a presentation about the forces that make an airplane stay in flight. The four forces of flight are thrust, weight, lift and drag.  

We started the project on Tuesday February 27th.  The main objective was to make your glider fly the furthest to win a trophy.  We began by designing our glider. Next we created a simple hoop glider using straws, thick paper, ruler and scotch tape. We all tested our planes.  Over time everyone was finding out secrets to be the best.  My team’s name was “Sky gliders” and we built the Phantom. A few weeks later we had the big competition.  Some students decided not to participate. The results were very close.

The big winners were…..Sky gliders.  The members of this group were Rafael, Logan, Aidan and I, Michael Kyumchuk.  I also was the launcher.  The other teams were the “Dancing Shadows” (Dina, Y.J., Maggie, Mia, Sofia) and the “Flying Champions” (Jonah, Romar, George, Eddy).

Our experience was quite positive. The activity taught us to work as a team.  We learnt about the forces of flight and to be creative at the same time. My favorite part was holding the trophy in my hands. This was a great learning experience as well as being a really fun activity.

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