“Whose Boat Can Hold the Most Weight?” -Grade 6

Each student had one single piece of aluminum foil of the same size (30 cm by 40 cm) and they had to build their own boat using that as the only material (scissors were allowed but not glue). 

Some students folded the sheet in two, other rolled the edges, it was really interesting to see the different approaches they took. Subsequently, the students had 2 rounds to test out the boats and see who’s was the best. In round 1, the students put their boat in the blue bin with water and then put as many wooden cubes as they could. In round 2, they did the same thing but this time with rubber balls that were heavier. They quickly talked about density, mass and volume and why some boats were better than others (because of the size of the surface or the thickness of their boat, etc). Overall, the students LOVED it and Ms. MacDougall and Mr. Donald really enjoyed it too!

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