Shapes are everywhere! -Pre-K

Students from Carlyle B.A.S.E. Extended Pre-K were involved in a very creative STEAM project at the beginning of February.  The children created a collage using different coloured cut-out shapes.

They began the project by discussing the various shapes that we saw in our classroom objects.  They then used the SMARTboard to look at pictures of flowers, trees, vehicles, buildings, people, animals, etc., and identified the many shapes that they saw in them.

The children then began discussing what they could create using circles, rectangles, squares and triangles in different sizes and colours.  First they laid out their shapes until they decided what they wanted to make.  They were given glue and before we knew it, we had a beautiful series of imaginative designs.  They included robots, flowers, people, animals, vehicles, buildings, furniture, etc.

The children explained what they drew and what the object they built was capable of doing.  Their responses were noted on the designs. Some children enjoyed the activity so much that they asked to make a second collage.

The activity was a positive experience for the students as it encouraged creativity in design, discussions about their designs and knowledge about how our environment is created using a world of shapes.

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