STEAM Hoop Glider

CARLYLE BASE DAYCARE: STEM HOOP GLIDER STEM HOOP GLIDER Written by Michael Klymchuk and Kimmie Shori, Assisted by Mia Vu, Stephen Tudor, Thomas Murray, Dina Madani, Aidan Kayes-Ford, Rafael Kacou, Sunghoon Jin, Logan Knutson As fierce as a plane and as gentle as a butterfly, this is the Carlyle BASE Daycare STEAM Hoop Glider Project.  […]

Wind Turbines by Grade 4

Students learned that wind energy can power things to move. Step 1: The students designed their own wind turbines, for the unit of energy. Step 2: They created the wind turbines and tested them. Step 3: Students reflected on their prototype.  They asked themselves, “does my wind turbine move easily? If not, what can I […]

Carnival Day Cars! (School-wide activity)

Throughout the past few weeks, students have been bringing in recyclable materials. 1. On Carnival Day, students were grouped with 3-4 classmates. Each group designed their own car. 2. Each group used the recyclable materials to build the car that they had designed. 3. Students tested their car on two ramps.  The goal was to […]