Butterfly release

Grade 1 (Class 102) and Grade 5 (Class 206) collaborate to release butterflies The McGill Biology Department has generously donated a Caterpillar/Butterfly Kit to help inform students about the life cycle of butterflies, and the exploration of nature. Ms. Ioanna and Ms. Jessica’s students had the opportunity of releasing a dozen butterflies into the wild. […]

Up in the air! -Grade 3

HOT AIR BALLOONS The grade three students worked to create a papier-mâché hot air balloon for our Unit of Inquiry “Up In The Air”. Students engaged in a multi-step process, that involved shaping the balloon with recycled strips of newspaper and paste. Students had to ensure that enough layers were added, to create a solid […]

Activité jardinage avec la classe de cinquième

1.Pour l’activité de jardinage, chaque équipe a une plante différente: tomate – laitue – oignon – haricot grimpant.    2. De plus, chaque équipe a quelques graines temoins et un environnement different ( à l’ombre – arroser avec du jus de pomme –  avec des déchets ).   L’objectif de ce projet est de voir quels sont les […]

Wind Turbines by Grade 4

Students learned that wind energy can power things to move. Step 1: The students designed their own wind turbines, for the unit of energy. Step 2: They created the wind turbines and tested them. Step 3: Students reflected on their prototype.  They asked themselves, “does my wind turbine move easily? If not, what can I […]

Shapes are everywhere! -Pre-K

Students from Carlyle B.A.S.E. Extended Pre-K were involved in a very creative STEAM project at the beginning of February.  The children created a collage using different coloured cut-out shapes. They began the project by discussing the various shapes that we saw in our classroom objects.  They then used the SMARTboard to look at pictures of […]

Exploring the science center! -Grade 3

Challenge #1: Find a way for the ball to go from the balcony to the ground without lighting up. Challenge #2:  Build an invention that travels to the end center platform using wind power while carrying a load. Challenge #3: Create a light structure to be transported into the dark room, the Shack, in order […]

Grade 3 students use wind power to move trains!

Grade 3 students use wind power to move trains. Students used only the materials pictured.  They received no specific building instructions, students had to determine the best sail option to aid their trains in moving faster. The question was: “Can you move it?” 1. Students drew their plans. 2. Made a hypothesis 3.Attempted trial and […]